As Creative City is constantly moving and working on new projects, come find out what else we’ve been up to.

Cubes & Play

We’ve developed a concept for a colourful game street furniture concept with a Liverpool based design team called Definitive1, which we are hoping to see on the High St soon. Watch this space!

Cubes & Play image

Black Maria, an artwork by Richard Wentworth & Gruppe

Commissioned by KKCLP / Kings Cross and part of Relay.

When we met Richard Wentworth and Gruppe for the first time in November to manage the commission for Relay, we knew this was going to be a very interesting project. It didn’t miss.

Black Maria was 1 month long hangout in the middle of Kings Cross from 12th Feb to 12th March 2013.

Artists and architects, speakers and performers, filmmakers and photographers, and constant audience gathered to build an incredible programme. People came and spent anywhere between 5 minutes and 7 weeks taking part in making Black Maria.

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‘Design for your neighbourhood’

Creative City is working with L&Q residents in Haggerston & Kingsland West to choose the art elements that will form the landscape of their future housing.

We are currently working with stone carver and masonry artist Bobbie Fennick to create stone carving on 4 of the 7 stone monoliths that will be installed within the open spaces of Haggerston.

We previously presented ‘Design Day’ for the residents to come up with designs for the gates and railing. More news soon.

‘Technicians on wheels’ for the STROLL DISCOVERY

Creative City has been commissioned by Wild in Art to run the maintenance of the Olympic Mascots’  – 84 individually painted sculptures – dotted across London. Creative City is recruiting ‘Technicians on Wheels’ to be the angels of these Mascots throughout the summer Games.

Sharjah International Biennial For Children’s Arts, Sharjah UAE

This spring, Creative City worked with The Bridge Academy, a school in Hackney, East London, on a participatory Book Art project. The books will be exhibited for the Sharjah International Biennial For Children’s Arts in November 2012.

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Nazir Tanbouli, ‘The King’s Land’

Site-specific mural installation. Ink, paint, paper.

Tanbouli’s large scale mural is creeping over an almost abandoned housing estate in East London, and his creatures are growing on walls in this incredible living piece which is the ‘King’s Land’.

Studio 75

Studio 75 is a working studio and an artist space, located on the ground floor of a block of flats in Haggerston, East London. It is the studio of film-makers Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Gillian McIver, photographer Lasse Johansson and painter Nazir Tanbouli, who have founded the studio as an artist-run space.