No more forms!  SpecAudience helps organisations collect audience feedback using the innovative Video Specs’ technology and methodology.

SpecAudience is an innovative evaluation and review method using a fresh and discreet technology which is far more appealing than more traditional forms of canvassing opinion. This is geared towards organisations holding events and who want to know what their audience is ‘seeing and thinking’

No more filling form! SpecAudience is an innovative way for institutions and special events to collect feedback for their visitors and members of the audience.

SpecAudience uses Video Specs. They allow the wearers to record a unique insight; capturing their thoughts as they say them, and what they are looking at as they see it. Rather than being on camera or interviewed, participants are active in the process. Remaining anonymous can allow them to give a more honest account of their thoughts.

How does it work?
There are no special expertise required in using the Video Specs, no intermediary, no camera shyness or performance. For these reasons, SpecAudience can attract people whose opinion might not otherwise be recorded or heard.

SpecAudience has recently completed two projects. One with Friends of Arnold Circus and one with Birmingham Hippodrome.

BROWSE is appealing to Six Summer Saturdays as a new innovative way to empower audiences, putting them right at the heart of the performance and enabling us to gain valuable feedback, commentary and content for our social media channels.

– Sarah Allen, Creative Programme Manager, Birmingham Hippodrome


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Watch the Birmingham Hippodrome ‘Six Summer Saturdays’ video.
This was shot by participants and members of the audience.

Watch the FOAC Swap & Share picnic, shot by participants and members of the audience.