Working with artists and professionals to help future residents of Haggerston & Kingsland West take ownership by designing their own landscape.

Creative City is delighted to be working with professional artists and residents of the upcoming housing development Haggerston & Kingsland West in East London to devise and deliver their ideas / designs to form part of the future landscape.

‘Design Day’ in March 2012 brought together a team comprising a blacksmith / metal artist, a graphic designer, and a textile artist to inspire ideas on the theme of textiles and history which strongly relates to Spitalfields and Hackney.¬†Residents attended the day, coming with ideas and ambitions turned into palpable designs. A number of artworks and design for gates and railings were presented to the Property Developer L&Q and architects.

We are currently speaking to a Blacksmith artist, about turning these into artworks for the gates.

The next step involves working with a stone carver, Bobbie Fennick, to source monolith and develop a narrative with residents. Bobbie has developed a stunning idea of carving a window into stone revealing a tony aperture into the world behind. We’re set to meet residents to highlights what should be featured in these windows and apertures.


Check the Creative City blog for updates!