Design Day is a new initiative that help residents come together and create professional designs that can be incorporated into the landscape of their new housing development.

The first Design Day will take place on Saturday 17th March in Haggerston.

Residents of the Kingsland West and Haggerston regeneration will have the opportunity to meet the L&Q Housing team and professionals in design, metal work, history of fabrics, and architecture to get their design into a format / shape / place ready to be fabricated and installed on railings. This is cross between landscape architecture, public art and public realm design.

Looking at the existing offer, the urban context AND the history of the place, residents and members of the neighbourhood will have the chance to get direct support and feedback from the professionals for the day.

The day will break down into design sessions and a Q&A with the professionals and lunch.

This is aimed in particular at young residents who wish to make a career in design and wish to get a direct insight into the creative sectors represented on the day.

The day is inclusive and all should feel welcome, but as we understand that it isn’t always possible to attend, there is an opportunity to contribute an idea remotely by drawing directly onto the image of the railing. Download it here

All design by Asha Rajput.

If you are interested in knowing more, or scheduling your own design day, please contact us.
Invitation letter.