Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a garden in the city where one could forget all stress and worries? Imagine …

‘A Fragment of Paradise’ is a concept for a public garden, created by the people who live and work locally. It would be as a space for relaxation and enjoyment, in the midst of an increasingly busy urban area : Shoreditch London. The discreet humming of a central fountain and the beauty of carefully planted shrubs and flowers would enlighten one’s soul, refresh one’s mind, and offer essential moments of reflection.

The garden would be very aware of the context of the site, combining sensitively the characteristics of the location (inner-city London) to inform the choice of trees, plants and shrubs with a great tradition of garden design found in Islam to inspire the garden layout.

The overarching aim of ‘A Fragment of Paradise’ is to create a peaceful setting for rest and enjoyment providing as much green as possible, as well as colour and movement, in a dense, urban, predominantly grey environment.

This will endeavour to be an exemplary, inclusive and ambitious project – open to all those who want to contribute love, care and time in order to create a public space that will become joy for those who experience it and pride for those who made it.