Bobbie Fenwick has now completed the carvings onto 4 monoliths, two of which are already installed in the landscape of Hagerstown, London.


Bobbie Fennick

Haggerston 1 (small)

Artist and stone mason Bobbie Fennick and Creative City led a consultation with L&Q residents in Haggerston in 2012, opening the way for Bobbie to create 4 beautiful artworks.







The residents who attended chose a number of designs to form the inspiration for the carvings on stone monoliths.

– The Weather Vane on top of the Haggerston Baths.

– An opening in the railings along Regent’s Canal, well known to residents and passers-by alike.

– A canal lock as it strongly represents the area

– A flat door.



The latest design was 100% chosen by residents, in the sense that the idea for it came about at the consultation. Young residents Elam & Chantelle Forrester then took photographs of the elements that would form the design and passed onto Bobbie to draw up.

Photo by Elam Forrester

The next step was for Creative City to take Bobbie’s lead and choose the actual monoliths.

After careful research, Bobbie Fennick selected incredible high quality slate stones from North Wales. The selection process is important as slate must be tested for a minimum of 2 years to reveal cracks. The selected monoliths were actually quarried in the 18’s century and supported the construction inside the mountain.




Once the stones were selected, they delivered to London. A team had to move the stones weighing 1ton 1/2 with the traditional method of rolling them with wood and metal rods. 

Photo by Elam Forrester
Photo by Elam Forrester
Photo by Elam Forrester

Bobbie started the drawing and transfer process on the first two. The carving is extremely minutious and precise. It takes an incredible level of concentration and allows for no mistakes. This is skilled craft as its very best. Fascinating to watch.

Bobbie is here starting the carving using extremely sharp chisels.