We were invited into Bobbie Fenwick’s studio to preview her work on the final monolith. This is a work in progress snippet on her exciting project.

This final monolith in the series features one of four architectural and cultural features that residents of Haggerston and Kingsland West wanted to remember the area by: the Hagerstown Baths weathervane. 2 of the monoliths have already been installed on Swimmers Lane, see our previous post.

Visiting Bobbie’s studio is an eye opener onto the skills applied and skills required to create sculptures in stones. These pictures are a little insight, and in no way represents the beautiful detail.

2015-06-18 13.31.42 2015-06-18 13.31.50

Drawings of the weathervane by Bobbie Fennick.

2015-06-18 13.26.14

To create the relief carvings, Bobbie has to drill through the slate first.